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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sign .jar files - tutorial

Installing Java applications / games that require access to an external source, either the phone memory, flash card, Internet or cell, you encounter a problem when the phone require user permission to access the application to do something.
For example if we are downloading a file with unsigned opera mini or ucbrowser it will ask for permission to read or write simultaneously.
But if it is signed there will be no such problems, just like sis app.

Here is a simple legit procedure to sign jar files:
  • Upload your .jar file to any free file hosting service and copy the direct link.( i recoment http://willhostforfood.com/ )
  • Open this link *(original site is http://simak.ru/ which is in Russian.Provide link is google translated)
  • Click on On-Line certifier & select ur phone model and required permissions
  • Paste the direct link to the jar file on the field
  • Click: certify midlet
  • Download the jar and jad files which you will get in the next page
  • Copy both jar and jad to C:\nokia \install directory of your mobile
  • Copy the exp.cer to your phone.Using X-plor open it & save it with all options. (download certificates.zip)
  • Now open application manager and install your jar file.
  • Before closing application manager find the installed app in the list and under its suite settings set all as "always allowed"
  • Now you can use the app without any security queries!!!


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