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Saturday, December 3, 2011

What is Dropbox? Get Dropbox Android, iOS & Symbian [tutorial]

Many of you might have confused with the questions like: What is dropbox? Is there any dropbox android available? Where to download dropbox app? etc.
Here i answer each question,one by one.
What is dropbox?

What is Dropbox?
To understand what is Dropbox, you must have to know a little about cloud storage.With cloud storage you can easily share and synchronize your documents and files across the internet.That means you can access your files from any computers or other devices which support a cloud client software.The files will be automatically synchronized if you make any modifications on them.This technology may also compared with the WebDAV(Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), which also meant for file sharing and synchronizing with HTTP protocol.
Let's come back to the question, What is Dropbox, its simply a service which provide cloud storage, free and paid, both for computer and smartphone.

How to use Dropbox?
Here we are dealing with how to use dropbox with your smartphone.It is very easy to get Dropbox service.Simply go to this url and register a free dropbox account using your e-mail.The free 'Basic'  dropbox account will give you a storage space of 2GB.Next we need to get a dropbox app according to your phone's OS.
Dropbox is available for most of the operating systems such as iOS (iPhone, iPad etc), Android (Samsung galaxy S2, HTC Desire S, Google Nexus and many more), Blackberry, and also for Symbian(Nokia N8, C7, 701 etc).

To get Dropbox Android
First download dropbox android app from this url.Or from the official site.
Install dropbox android on your phone.Open it and log in with the account we created previously.
[What is dropbox?] Dropbox android app
Now you can simply Copy, Paste, Delete Folders and files, just as in the native file manager, and also can upload files into it.Many more options like Sharing, Sending, Searching are also available with dropbox android app.

Dropbox for iPhone and iPad(iOS)
Download dropbox for iPhone or iPad from here: dropbox for iPhone and iPad
Dropbox for iPhone
The interface is almost similar to dropbox android.All options are also present here.

Dropbox for Symbian
There is no official dropbox app available for Symbian yet.Though there is a powerful dropbox app which work on Symbian, based on QT, called DropML.
You may download it from Nokia store: download DropML for Symbian
[What is Dropbox?]-DropML for Symbian
Dropbox for Blackberry 
To get dropbox for blackberry, you need to point the blackberry browser to the following URL: Download dropbox for blackberry


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