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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cluzee & Vlingo - iPhone Siri Alternative for Android & Symbian

What is iPhone Siri?
Siri is an innovative application offered by apple iPhone (beginning  from iPhone 4S), which lets your phone to do things, by simply telling what to do. If you need to send a text to your friend, just tell it to Siri, it will automatically convert your voice to text and will send it.Siri uses most of the built in apps and let you operate them by voice.You can Search internet, Schedule meetings, Search for location,Directions, Traffic and much more things can be done by using your voice.The most surprising feature of iPhone Siri is that we can talk to it as simple as we would to a person.It not only understand "what you say", but also "what you mean".
Just tell Siri to "Wake me up at 7.00" or "Wake me in 7hrs",  Siri will set the alarm for you.
Tell siri to "Find pizza" it will list all pizza places around you, and will suggest the most appropriate one, based on your location and time.
In short Siri is an intelligent partner who understand what you need, what you mean, and do it at the right time.

Cluzee - Siri alternative for Android

So far we have discussed about the features of Siri. Now lets come to the point, is there a Siri alternative for Android? Let me declare the fact that, there is no official Siri alternative for Android available yet!.
For the time being, what we can do is to find the most appropriate app which look alike Siri. Being the most popular mobile operating system with billions of apps downloads in each month, there should be at least one app which satisfy your quest.Yes it is the "Cluzee". Cluzee is the latest android app to fulfill the voice control gap in Android.You may download it for free from the android market. Its clear that Cluzee is not as god as Siri. Because the 'intelligence part' will not work as good as it works in Siri.
What Cluzee have is a list of  pre-written commands which it can understand.We have to talk to Cluzee according to the pre-defined format of commands.Though we can do many things with Cluzee such as sending text, reading mail, notes management, personalized deal reports, to track your diet etc.
As a third party app, Cluzee will find it difficult to interact with the Calender and Contacts apps on the phone, though i am sure it will get better over time.So i suggest you, never leave your android simply because of Siri!

Vlingo for Symbian
The Vlingo app is available for most of the operating systems including iOS, Android, Blackberry & Symbian.Though why i place it under Symbian is because, the latest Anna & Belle updates from Nokia has the Vlingo app pre-installed. Just like Cluzee, Vlingo also can understand a set of pre-defined commands.Sending text, reading mail, update social networks, find businesses etc are also possible with Vlingo.You may download Vlingo from their official site.


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